Intellectual Property

Building a new start up?
Someone stole your logo?
Want to register a patent?
Your trade mark has been copied? 
Your work of art has been stolen? 

Call today and lets secure your rights ASAP!


Innovations are an asset which should be protected in the out most intention.

Within a global world it is of great importance that each and every innovation will be protected properly and efficiently.

The Firm evaluates the value and efforts invested by the client and thus our main aim is to present the innovator through out the procedures in the most proper and optimal legal advice.

The Firm advises, negotiates and represents the client in every legal aspect in order to assure that your creative product will be protected.

The Firm represents the client before court and The Israel Patent Office ILPO, and appeals in front of The Commissioner of Patents who authorizes to grant patents and manage the Register of Patents.

Furthermore, the Firm has the capability of advising the client throughout the procedures of WIPO and OHIM.

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