The Commissioner of Patents is the executive authority within the range of The State of Israel.

Investors, entrepreneurs and Start ups companies who wish to exploit commercially new Technologies ought to apply to The Commissioner of Patents.

The Firm specializes on securing the Investors rights' where protection and advice is needed.

The Firm advises Start Ups Companies within the various procedures from Registration to Commercialization, and Licensing Agreements.

The Firm initiates strategic plan in order to represent the Companies within the range of Israel and Europe.

Since the Firm established productive co operations with various leading Law Firms in Europe, including Germany the clients array of opportunities to expand their innovation and seeking for strategic partners is most feasible.

The Firm provides the clients with all the necessary tools to form Partnerships and Merges in Israel and Europe accompanied by professional legal Services.

It is The Firm Specialty to accompany the clients from the Initial phase of innovation, patentability of Technological Innovations, through the examination and registration Of the Patents.

Drorit Mlinarsky law Offices, is responsible to furnish the clients with the best law services in order to avail patent protection.