​The Firm

Drorit Mlinarsky Law Offices is a leading Commercial Boutique law firm established by Advocate Drorit Mlinarsky.

The Office was established in order to provide legal services in vast array of expertise within the Commercial field at the highest level, and availability.

It is the small size Firm which avails the Advocate to supply the Clients with the outmost intention to each and every case, and eventually makes the Office unique.

At Drorit Mlinarsky Law Offices you will work exclusively with the owner of the Firm, Advocate Drorit Mlinarsky.

Furthermore, you will be accompanied through each and every single dispute personally.

Drorit Mlinarsky Law Offices have gained several impressive achievements within the International Field, and have structured a chain of Legal Co operations in Europe and the Far East.

Apart from advising within the local arena The Office provides Legal Advice in the field of International Law, and was published accordingly in Calcalist Newspaper on July 2011, upon founding a productive cooperation with Germany.

Our Office offers the highest quality of services accompanied by deep understanding of the case, and representation within Court Instances.

Recently  Drorit Mlinarsky has published articles at the leading technology british website Innovation Enterprise, click here to read