Practice Areas

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property

    Building a new start up?
    Someone stole your logo?
    Want to register a patent?
    Your trade mark has been copied? 
    Your work of art has been stolen? 

    Call today and lets secure your rights ASAP!


    Innovations are an asset which...

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  • Labor Law

    Labor Law

    Managing a Business is a complicated Task, as far as Employment Law is concerned. As an Articled Clerk with the guidance of Honorable Judge Ben Yossef, Advocate Mlinarsky gained experience in handling complicated cases within Employment Law.

    Our Firm handles cases related both on the Collective and Individual Labor Law.
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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Real Estate transaction and purchasing requires expertise and pre checking.

    Drorit Mlinarsky Law Office handles complicated transactions within investing in the most valuable properties.

    Our Firm offers checking the various legal status of transaction, whether it is an individual purchasing or...

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  • International Law

    International Law

    The Israeli Technology market has grown rapidly through the following years.

    Israeli companies are expanding over Europe within varieties of Sectors such as the IT sector, Pharmaceutical Sector , Medical devices Technology, Bio tech Technology, Telecommunications, Internet and Cyber Technology.

    Germany is considered a leading Economy within its capacity to penetrate...

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  • Public Affairs

    Public Affairs

    Apart from managing a boutique Law Firm within the Commercial field, Advocate Mlinarsky believes that contributing to clients in need in essential.

    Thus, her voluntary activity begun during her studies. Advocate Mlinarsky took an active role within the pro buno Clinic handling Labor Law, Contracts and Execution Office matters....

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  • Commercial Law

    Commercial Law

    Our aim is to instruct clients in a vast scale within forming a commercial contract.

    The firm supplies legal advice during International and domestic transactions, Commercial Financial Contracts, M& A, Distribution Contracts, Trade Contracts.

    Our office expertise in Commercial Litigation,...

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