Labor Law

Managing a Business is a complicated Task, as far as Employment Law is concerned. As an Articled Clerk with the guidance of Honorable Judge Ben Yossef, Advocate Mlinarsky gained experience in handling complicated cases within Employment Law.

Our Firm handles cases related both on the Collective and Individual Labor Law.

Our Firm advises Workers and Employers on daily basis.

Drorit Mlinarsky Law Office represents workers and Employers in front of District Labor Courts and National Labor Court in Israel.

Our Expertise covers:

  • Labor Contracts/ Employer-Employee Contracts.
  • Compensation Contracts.
  • Pension Rights, Retirement Contracts.
  • Collective Contracts.
  • Workers Rights' due Structural Changes.
  • Private Labor Law.
  • Collective Labor Law

Advocate Mlinarsky has published several articles concerning Labor Law:

  • Deterioration in working conditions, May 18, 2010.
  • Violation of Labor Rights, February 12, 2014.
  • Advocate Mlinarsky is a member of The Labor Committee Tel Aviv District, The Israel Law Bar Association.
  • Advocate Mlinarsky serves as a legal Advisor -The Labor Relations Internet Forum, Mako. Israel.