Israel As a Leading Start Up Nation

What is the secret behind the Success

During the Paris terror attacks lately, Israeli Technology contributed to reassure the horrified citizens of Paris that their relatives are alive.

The Times Of Israel, reported lately that during the 24 hours after the Paris attack millions of people checked in with friends by using Facebook Safety Check which was developed and invented via Israel Facebook Team . The Usage of this Safety System was initially planned in order to detect "ordinary " natural disasters but now De Facto enabled to " Check In " De Facto due to the uncertainty of the fortune of vast array of People due to the Paris Attacks.

These Sort of Innovative Methods are an Integral part of Start Ups Initiation within Israel. No doubt , we are witnessing The realizations of Ideas which seemed to be a mere Notion, should they were not developed and presented.

Our I Phones , For Example, will upgrade themselves in a manner that Sensors will self refrain themselves in a special technique which is equivalent to Human skin whenever its glass is damaged. Furthermore, Sensors will, replace the so called old Technology of Entering Our Phone Devices via Passwords. This method will eventually enables Users to use Their Mobile without the need to repair or exchange their mobile devices frequently, or handing their mobiles to the Lab whenever a damage occurs.

On a different Arena, Israeli Start ups lately innovated a special sensor which enables Children who suffer from Asthmatic problems to detect the forthcoming Attack and prevent deterioration of complicated situations where they domed to be hospitalized due to severe lack of oxygen which causes irreversible damages.

The Sensor is built into a mechanism which is sensitive to the movement of Children where they are asleep and is alerting due a patent implemented wherever there is a problem which needs an immediate assistance.

Notwithstanding, An additional Innovation regarding Sleep Problems was exposed lately. This method is based on identifying The DNA of the patients who suffer from sleep problem and once it is verified it is compared to the additional data collected from similar patients by using special algorithm to identify their situation and symptoms. This is no doubt an exceptional Innovation which enables to solve the difficulty of Insomnia.

These Innovative Techniques raise the inevitable question regarding the secret behind the Success of the Israeli Start up Industry.

It is all about Curiosity and the passion to learn and gaining further knowledge.

Israelis are educated since childhood to strive for more aim high and invent.

For example, the Cyber Security Arena within Israel has developed widely since the major treats within the Middle East, lately confronted by Europe.

Cyber security becomes essential wherever the need for protecting critical information is needed. Protecting infrastructure or mobile devices , health data systems are the core of The Israel Innovation regarding Cyber security.

Thus major global VC Funds perceive Israel as a main Target for future Investments and as a leading player within the Strat up arena.

Consequently, it enables the Israeli Start Ups to grow rapidly and invent Further not by challenge merely but as global valuable help to the world as a whole.